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Square Enix gets pretty with the trailer for Final Fantasy XII spring: The Zodiac Age

The company more fond of launch trailers at close range already has a new one. The trailer for Final Fantasy XII spring: The Zodiac Age. And it has been very epic.

If someone says that Square Enix does not take off three million trailers of every “fat” game which brings in hands, lies. And meanly likewise lies. Proof of this is, for example, this spring of Final Fantasy XII trailer: The Zodiac Age. As you can see, they are now coming through stations, as the fashion catwalks.

However, it must be said that the workaround, the truth have not been all bad. In this new video we can see a little more about the history of the game. Leave aside the more political part, and focuses on other issues. Although still the abdominals of the characters seem to be painted with pen.

Happy to see how practically forget Vaan, a bland character where there. Even I do not understand how noses came them put protagonist.

The trailer for Final Fantasy XII spring: The Zodiac Age shows some of the changes that will bring the game into the new version. They are basically graphical improvements, remade soundtrack and changes playable. In this sense, the thing is quite different.

Implanted system of the Zodiac (Zodiac Job System), this works only in the international edition of the game. Curious that an “international” version is only in Japan. Also added the ability to use two boards jobs characters at the same time, something that was not in any old version. And they will surely have some another ACE up the sleeve.

A despised Final Fantasy

We always criticize Square Enix because recurs more than garlic. But for once he actually tries to innovate, they were laid him up many of the usual players.

Final Fantasy XII was a very ambitious game with a very different from the usual combat system. Arguably, it is an MMO for a single player. Scenarios, the cities, the characters, the skill system… Everything reminds us of that style of game.

The story is also very well built… up to one third. Unfortunately, the direction of play suffered an unexpected death, and the game ended abruptly. This is noted after the part of the “Lighthouse”, when the game reaches its climax, and suddenly gets you in the HomeStretch. Hence, no Vaseline.dos trabajos en final fantasy xii the zodiac age

In addition, the atmosphere in the world of Ivalice also helped. It is a world in which the invocations are not traditional and where also not different races. Perhaps too many changes. But for fans of tactical it set us change.

Equally, and you say what, Final Fantasy XII was a great game. And I hope some of the things that made it to tarnish is to fix this Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age. We’ll see from July 11.

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