Saturday , March 17 2018

Sony Unveils the PS may 2017 Plus free games


Such of the Borderlands is the most remarkable title of games free PS Plus may 2017. In other regions also arrive Abzu, but Alienation is up to us. Yes, it is a play on words. Sony has unveiled the free games from PS Plus may 2017. From 2 may you …

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2B in Gravity Rush 2 costume comes in May and is pure love

Sony has just announced a new DLC that will replace Kat costume by 2B Gravity Rush 2 costume. And damn, it could not be better, guilty. Go candy that will arrive on May 5 guilty. That day, recently announced Sony, will launch a DLC that adds suit 2B Gravity Rush …

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Heroes of the Storm 2.0 unlocks new content for Overwatch


We will have new content for Overwatch for playing Heroes of the Storm, guilty. Genji Oni is back and will be again available for those who lost their opportunity. Blizzard returns to regale us with new content for Overwatch by take a few games to its Heroes of the Storm. …

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Follow with us the streaming of Call of Duty: WWII at 19:00

Today, at 19:00 (Pacific time) Activision is going to do streaming from Call of Duty: WWII, giving details and, we hope, date and gameplay. The day has come, guilty. Like every year, you are playing already teach the next installment in the Call of Duty. It has lost some surprise …

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Now available the Heroes of the Storm 2.0 update


After several weeks of waiting, Blizzard has released the Heroes of the Storm 2.0 update. Boxes, new collectibles, and even a new hero and scenery are the main attractions of this facelift to the MOBA. Are you a fan of the MOBA? Do you declare your love for Blizzard and …

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Criticism of 04 Boruto


One more chapter to block some of the new characters. But above all, this 04 Boruto gives rise to the arrival of Mitsuki. Boruto 04 once again not a surprising chapter. Rather again serve to stop clear where each ninja who is in the class of Boruto comes. However, that …

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