Saturday , March 17 2018

FIFA free 17 at Access EA and Origin Access as of April 21

If you are a Subscriber premium of Electronic Arts, you’re in luck. Enjoy FIFA free 17 at Access EA and Origin Access. Very good news for all those who still not sunk him tooth to the new soccer game from Electronic Arts. As of April 21 you will enjoy free …

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The first patch of Yooka-Laylee corrected quite a lot of bugs


It can the duo of Playtonic Games not started with right foot, so the first patch of Yooka-Laylee is already scheduled to start to overcome the situation. Yooka-Laylee did not begin as expected his career in PC and PlayStation 4, Xbox One. A notes ranging from suspense to the remarkable …

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So see The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild to 4K


If was not nice thing enough, you can now play The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild to 4K and get you a perfect orgasm in your eyes. Sure that many are still enjoying The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild in Nintendo Switch or Wii U. With …

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Digital Foundry shows improved framerate of Zelda Breath of the Wild


Improve framerate of Zelda Breath of the Wild was needed, but has finally arrived. And it offers a significant increase in stability without losing anything in return. Digital Foundry has shown in a video Zelda Breath of the Wild framerate improvement. After analyzing the latest update has been that it …

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Nintendo Switch factory price is $ 257

The Japanese newspaper Nikkei has estimated that the price of Nintendo Switch factory is very close to its selling price: $257. Since it was announced the selling price of Nintendo Switch we have heard enough complaints. Both the original 300 and 330 it costs in Spain. However, he had not …

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New Warriors series is the next Marvel

Marvel has announced that the New Warriors series will be the next addition to his vast universe audio-visual. It will be the American channel Freeform. Since it doesn’t of itself to make more movies, Marvel still signing agreements to make other production series with their characters. He has now had the …

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