Saturday , March 17 2018

The best retro games to play with children

What’s better than a few days of vacation to talk about the best retro games to play with children? Return to the fray with a new article of opinion/recommendation. It’s what touches if bananas at the end of the day. And this time we do grandfather chives to tell you …

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Nintendo Switch sales figures are spectacular


In the continuous give-and-take of the companies for selling, Nintendo has been imposed in March. See for yourself Nintendo Switch sales figures, if not believe me… In this war of view is larger, seems that Nintendo has won this time. Not by the Direct, not. You know what I mean: …

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Nintendo ceases to produce NES Classic Mini in America


Nintendo no longer produce NES Classic Mini to America. If it will affect the rest of the world… has not yet been confirmed but it has all the earmarks. Nintendo ceases to produce NES Classic Mini starting from this month. The latest drives will visit stores and users throughout April, the …

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Homage to Carrie Fisher: a Princess, a woman in absentia

The Star Wars Celebration has not been able to start with best foot. In the inaugural panel joined all those who made possible an unforgettable journey that changed cinema forever. Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, George Lucas… and Carrie Fisher. Dear Princess Leia left us in December, but his spirit was …

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Go Pokemon Spring Festival ready to hatch

The Spring Festival of Pokémon Go is the new event prepared by Niantic to give your game some vidilla star and have coaches distracted with the arrival of good weather. Niantic Labs just of confirms that the Pokemon Go Spring Festival is the new event of the mobile game. So …

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Nintendo Announces date for release of Hey! Pikmin


The Nintendo Direct this morning started strong thanks to the announcement of the date of release of Hey! Pikmin. In this way, Olimar and company assail Nintendo 3DS on July 28. Yesterday we went back to have among us a new Nintendo Direct that the company announced its future developments. …

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