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Orissa, Overwatch, takes to reach consoles

Blizzard announces that Orissa, the new character of Overwatch is not yet ready to come to consoles.

Orissa, the hero of Overwatch number 24, came to the game a few days ago, although only for the PC version. In consoles (PlayStation 4 and Xbox One) still not has made Act of presence and seems that going to take a little more than it has in reach.

Jeff Kaplan, big boss Max of Overwatch, has said in the Forum of the game that still van have to try more time how works the character. Of time, Orissa only is is accessible in PTR (Public Test Region) that is a server where Blizzard test those changes in the game before add them of form official. According to leo in Polygon, normal is that the characters are there a week prior to the game, but seems that Orissa will be longer. In fact, it has already had its first Nerf without leaving the server.

Orissa is not the only character right now that must be balanced. If you do not remember it, right now Bastion is also a bad beast. It is understood that Blizzard wants to close some fronts for not unbalance the game more.

For the moment, Kaplan has given no date on when will leave Orissa of PTR. But judging by how quickly that have applied the first Nerf, it would surprise me to last much. Perhaps two weeks instead of one?

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