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Nintendo made the announcement of New Nintendo XL 2DS and leaves us all with poker face

You’re so quiet taking you the morning coffee when Nintendo comes and makes the announcement of New Nintendo XL 2DS. And you already ends the day break.

When you least expect it, Nintendo will and bundling Brown doing crazy things like this. Because there’s no denying that Announce New Nintendo XL 2DS us has caught everyone by surprise. By surprise and off guard.

This is what noses? As basically an announcement confirming that Nintendo is still committed to its current laptop model (the original 3DS). And on the other hand, for once and for all, forget the 3D of noses.

This is because New Nintendo 2DS XL is exactly same as their “sister”, but in 2D. According to the company, this console has the same power and the same funcionalidaes that New Nintendo 3DS XL. Same screen, same power, same controls and of course same games.

On 28 July, the family Nintendo #3DS will welcome a new Nintendo miembro:New #2DS XL.


-Nintendo Spain (@NintendoES) April 28, 2017

The console is intended to provide an intermediate product between New Nintendo 3DS XL and Nintendo 2DS, both in features and price. Thus, we hope that the console comes out cheaper than the current market XL. However, as you say, it seems that the only difference, besides the design, is that it will not have 3D effect.

This New Nintendo XL 2DS announcement has left us also a release date: July 28. On the day that leave several games such as Miitopia or Hey! Pikmin. Also have announced two colors for the console, negro-turquesa and blanco-naranja. And you have to admit that they are fucking beautiful.

anuncio de new nintendo 2ds xl 2

What, guilty? Do you like? At least must admit that they are more beautiful than the New Nintendo 3DS XL. These damned of Nintendo.

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