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NieR automaton reaches one million copies distributed

NieR automaton reaches one million copies distributed against many odds. They have merit Yoko Taro and company have achieved one large hollow both entity.

Square-Enix has announced that Nier automaton reaches one million copies distributed worldwide. These data take into account physical, digital, and two platforms launch, Playstation 4 and PC versions. Yes, they are distributed copies that have not come, necessarily, to a million players, but they count as sales for Square. It is a figure which is not bad if we take into account the competing hard in the last month, Horizon or Zelda.

nier automata alcanza el millon de copias

Actually it is even surprising, because NieR automaton, we thought many, it would be a niche game. You can see that we were wrong. It would be indeed not unreasonable to think that it has sold most in these first weeks than the previous 7 years.

Great merit of Yoko Taro and company

It is noteworthy, of course, that it has become a much large hole and expected launch. Especially if we take into account that his subjects are fairly deep, it has a peculiar and “dark” aesthetic… It is true that it has a very passionate community of followers, but not precisely wide. We can say that the publicity campaign has been quite successful and have managed to make known their main features.

NieR is based on an apocalyptic future where humans live on the Moon and send a group of androids to destroy the beings that have invaded the Earth. In addition it has gone very Japanese pot and is a mix between hack’n ‘ slash and RPG that seems to have been very well. A combination that makes you win, the less the label of “special”. Best of all? The public has responded well to this release and has been the most sold on Steam, even.

To sum up, a great news. Not only for the game, but because so we make sure that we will have more Platinum Games. After the drubbing of Scalebound and some that another important release we already began to doubt some around here.

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