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Nier Automat DLC will arrive on May 2 to the West

Square-Enix has announced that the first DLC of NieR automaton will be in the West on 2 may, as in Japan. We won’t have to wait long for messing us beating with the CEO of the developer and Platinum.

The first DLC of NieR Automat will reach West the same day that Japan, the May 2. Square warned a few days ago that the content would “soon” in North America and Europe, but we did not imagine that it would hurry. Better, so we can fight against Yosuke Matsuda and Sato Kenichi soon.

dlc de nier automata

It will be that there are no images and animations 2B cool… have to annoy you

3C3C1D119440927 (hereinafter “The DLC”) should cost, with currency exchange, about 12.50 euros. Nevertheless, and taking into account that they are 1500 yen, is likely to end up costing 15 euros. What good are these companies thinking about the comfort of the user.

The DLC will add, costumes, music and effects for the shooting and other secondary things, new missions at the Coliseum. It is not, of course, great content that drastically changes the game. But the possibility of fighting against the CEO of Platinum Games and Square-Enix must be taken into account. And more knowing that they shoot their own faces.

3C3C1D119440927, the first of several?

Neither of the two companies has said, for the time being, nothing of a next update. However, taking into account the good reception given to the game, it wouldn’t surprise to get something else apart from the DLC. Something that already posts have more chicha to the DLC. In addition, if the DLC has a moderate success, we would expect something more of NieR in the future.

For the moment, we know that they have gone you so well the things that Square has been launched (or has been relaunched, rather) to redistribute the original Nier. A logical move because now there will be many players who will want to plunge in the story complete. The best news of this success is still Yoko Taro and Platinum Games for a while. Although we charge us to its CEO at the DLC. Which, on the other hand, makes it automatically GOTY, if he had said few times.

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