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How the new Playstation 4 update

The new update of Playstation 4, that arrived made just few days, includes a good number of new functions. Or rather improves and refines what already had but that was unbearable so now not us bleed them fingers if we want to turn off the console.

The first thing that you can jump to the view, as well as the apparent renewed visuals (such as for example the iconic buttons on the remote for Playstation as load signal), is that we now have a shortcut menu that opens if you hold down the central button. We will, exactly as before only now appearing on a screen edge, and we can choose what is displayed: friends online, music, food, your online and settings. Moreover esigual to previously only which has been improved a little in terms of convenience, accessibility and speed.

ps4 actualizacion mejoras

(The image is borne by Kotaku)

On the other hand, now we can see our trophies even if we are not connected to the Internet (thank you, it’s about time) and also to we can see the details of the hidden trophies if you press square on the menu of the trophy. But without a doubt the best additive is Folders: now you can collect all that trash of the Playstation 4 that nobody ever uses and cornering them in a single folder to not see them never simply by pressing Start and creating the folder to your liking. And also order your games or whatever you want, but the first thing that we have done all that has been. Next to this now can pass them data of our PS4 to another (if like make the jump to the Pro, for example) and is has implemented the HDR for them future games that are by exit with this technology.

ps4 actualizacion mejoras

Otherwise the General menu of the console are still equal and the Playstation Store is the least functional thing has been in a long time. That along with others details (greater comfort in them menus, more easy access to certain functions Basic, some implementations that not come badly…) and already would be all well. Or at least that is my look.

Being fair the truth is that this update together which included the mode rest is which major and best features implements to the console, for my taste. Still are things by do, and things that would have to have been corrected makes much, but something is something. Is sees that is have dear put them batteries them of Sony now that PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro are to the back of the corner. Do you think you the update 4.0, guilty?

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