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Announced the first DLC of NieR: Automat

The first DLC for NieR: Automat is a masterpiece. Da same which add, what is important is that let go us fight against the CEOs of Square and Platinum. Seriously.

Square-Enix has announced that the first DLC of NieR: automaton is just around the corner. You will be called 3C3C1D119440927 and will be released on May 2 in Japan. “He will soon” to the West, they say. On Japanese land will cost 1500 yen, that change would be 13 euros, but it will on 15 because we already know how this goes. Best of all? Which will include as bosses to the CEO of Square and Platinum.

dlc de nier: automata
dlc de nier: automata

The company has unveiled it during the broadcast of the live celebration of the million sales, as reported by Gematsu. Upon completion of the new missions we unlock new rescued the original Nier vestments and other extras. For example, some new songs, the ability to change the color of the hair of the protagonists, team with unique effects and some curiosity.

But let’s importantly: we can fight against Yosuke Matsuda and Sato Kenichi, the bosses of Square-Enix and Platinum Games respectively. As this seems quite unlikely, Square channel provides a gameplay combat:

Battles. Against. Executive Directors.

This overrides any doubt about the GOTY this year, missing more. NieR: Automat remains peculiar to that proposed, in a science fiction game, beat us against guys with costume. Guys with costume, in case outside little, shoot your face as a projectile. Japan, as of usual, doesn’t disappoint with their comings of pot.

Besides the evident grace, this goes to show the good result that has won the game. He has chalked up very good numbers in sales (more than what, probably, was expected) and this means that we will see more content in the future. The first thing was to relaunch its prequel to see how it works. If just having success, it would not be surprising that in the future we will see more NieR.

But we can keep fighting against any CEO, please.

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