Saturday , March 17 2018

We won’t have the Nintendo press conference at E3 2017


Do you expected to see more Nintendo at E3 2017 due to the launch of Nintendo Switch? Then forget you, since the company has confirmed that one year they not made Conference live. Already is approaching summer, guilty. The longer days, the heat and good Sun will gradually starring every …

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The financial results of Capcom in 2016 esperanzan company


Thanks to Resident Evil 7, the remakes of the fourth, fifth and sixth installment of the series, or Monster Hunter X Capcom financial results have been more than good. Developer of games such as Resident Evil 7 or Dead Rising 4 must be happy. Financial results for Capcom in 2016 …

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The second season of Sense8 advance


8 people, 8 different lives, 1 connection, 1 big change. If you have seen the first, this advance of the second season of sense8 won’t you indifferent. We encounter after what happened on Christmas day. Much of the sensate fleeing or fearing for their lives. In this advance of the …

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He-man is ready to return to the cinema and has premiere date

By the power of Grayskull! He-man now has a date for his return to cinema. The planet Eternia prepares their finery. Sony Pictures has revealed the release date of he-man and the Masters of the universe (Masters of the Universe). The new adaptation of the characters created by Mattel is …

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